Biggest Mistakes in Self Survival Emergency Preparedness

Preparing for an emergency survival can be a nerve wracking experience especially if these preparations are being made at the very last minute. Due to the unpredictable nature of life and our external surroundings, it’s usually next to impossible to be able to predict such catastrophes and crises and be prepared for any self survival situation well in advance.

But with the high rate of catastrophic incidents such as the tsunami, earthquakes, volcano eruptions and even terrorist attacks have propelled the human minds to be readily prepared for any contingency in order to handle it better.

Whenever an unforeseen situation arises and you have to pack your bags and move out, the emergency can create a lot of panic and stress. As a result, one is certainly bound to miss on a lot of essential items while packing. Here are some of the biggest mistakes in self survival emergency preparedness that one can avoid by doing some fast thinking while on your toes:

· Since survival kits are of the utmost importance during any critical times. You have to be very careful about the stuff that is packed in it. You have to be choosy to ensure the kit is mobile and can accommodate all the essential items required for your survival. Try not to carry any unnecessary items that are of no use and will only add to the load.

· There can be numerous crisis situations that can push you into self survival mode. Naturally your survival kit must take these different scenarios into consideration. For example, a survival kit for an earthquake is very different for a kit for wilderness survival.

Of course, the kind of disaster or catastrophe will largely depend on your location. To make your work easier, you can ask survivalists in your area for the type of survival kits you should have ready in your home.

· Regardless on the kind of survival scenario it is, don’t forget to carry a sufficient supply of water. You can easily stay without food for a day or two. But surviving without water can have fatal consequences for you and your family. So make sure that you carry enough water with you when you plan to move out of your home on a moment’s notice.

· People often ignore the importance of tool kits and a handy weapon when preparing a survival kit. But you have to realize that certain tools such as scissors, knives or even a baton can be a lifesaver when you’re out hunting and foraging for food. These tools can also be indispensable when your temporary shelter is located in the woodlands. You also have to remember to carry a lighter or few waterproof matches with you.

· Some spare clothes and food items are also indispensable especially if you need to move out on short notice. But don’t forget to carry a portable tent with you to avoid exposing you and your family to the elements.

But your best tool is the knowledge and training you have within you. This is your best guarantee that you and your family will survive even if you run out of provisions while encamped in the woods.

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