The Importance of Exercising Discretion With Regards to Your Survival Emergency Preparations

Let’s face it: we feel better when we feel like we’re part of a community. It’s a simple fact and a biological one. By and large and with few exceptions, human beings are social animals. The concept of fellowship is in our DNA. It’s why we join civic groups, political parties, and even churches.

Needless to say, when one of us sheeple wakes up from the proverbial matrix of the herd-mind and begins to see just how fragile the world we live in really is, one of the first things we want to do is wake up others that we care about to the need for reasonable preparations. The only problem is that, in doing so, you are announcing to the world that when the lights go out you’ll be the guy with a generator and lots of fuel; and, when the shelves are bare you’ll be eating well. How long do you think it will take the guy you eat lunch with at work and tried unsuccessfully to bring around to remember where he can find a stocked pantry when he’s on his second day without food?

Now, in that situation, you’re faced with two choices: you either turn your back on him or he becomes your responsibility and it is now your job to look after him and whatever family or ragtag band he brings with him. You could, I suppose, contend that a third option would be to give them a hot meal and a warm bed and then send them away. I reject that notion, however, because they would just come back a few days later and you’d be right back to the first set of options, only this time they’d be even more desperate knowing you’d already sent them away once.

I, for one, doubt I could turn my back on them. Therefore, I fully envision that if the worst case scenario ever occurs I will have family and a small number of friends (those whom I’ve confided my beliefs in and are aware of my preps) for which to care. The only two provisos I claim in a TEOTWAKI scenario are that my family comes first and everyone who wants to eat must be willing to work.

But, lately, a troubling trend has emerged. I touched on this topic in a post I wrote on 28 February and followed-up in my 1 March response to a letter from a reader. This is the recent rush to buy guns and ammo that we’re seeing all over the place. People are afraid (and, rightfully so, I might add) that the current presidential administration and legislature are going to wage a war on the 2nd Amendment, and so guns and ammo are flying off store shelves and mostly into the hands of people who aren’t going to have a crust of bread to eat if things really get bad. It reminds me of a post I read a few years ago on an internet bulletin board (can’t recall which one) where a guy said (jokingly, I hope) that his preps consisted of a shotgun, several thousand shells, and a handwritten list of the names and addresses of his preparedness-minded friends.

Scary, huh? I hope it makes you think twice before sharing a lot of personal information on your website or blog. Unfortunately, I’m in a position where giving out a little information about myself is more or less required. As proprietor of a new home-based business, it looks a little shady when you hide things about yourself, all the while asking people to trust you with their credit card numbers. Even with that in mind, though, I would never give the exact location of my homestead online. To do so in today’s world would be foolhearty, to say the very least.

So please be sure you’re exercising discretion with regards to your survival/emergency preparations. Prepare providently and be ready to be charitable. We’re all in this together.

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The Evolution of MREs – Survival Emergency Meals Ready to Eat – Military – Commercial – Quality

Most of us know that we can survive for a few days without food and not as long without water. We know that we could live a little longer if we had minimal amount of survival emergency food. Although this is true, put on your thinking cap. Even though you may be alive, what will your condition be? What will the condition of your family be? We know that dehydration can start within a few hours on a hot day.

Ever since the Revolutionary War, our military has had some kind of meal ration for its troops. The ration was food for one day. These rations consisted of beef, peas, and rice. During the civil war, the rations were canned goods. Toward the beginning of World War I, the military switched to dried foods. They changed back to canned foods near the end of the war. Canned food rations were used through the Vietnam War. The Department of Defense started the development of the Meals Ready to Eat in 1963. They soon gained such labels as MRE “Meals, Rarely Edible” or “Meals Rejected by Everyone”. There was a problem with getting the military personnel to eat their entire ration. This caused loss of alertness and weight loss if used for any length of time. With this kind of reputation, would I ever think of creating an emergency food supply consisting of MREs? It would be very low on my list, if I had not tried one of the better creations of these meals made for today.

The military version has improved over the years. They made great progress toward removing past labels. They have different flavors, and come closer to meeting the dietary needs than in the past. They still are not something that I would eat by choice. The history of military meals is that the expense usually leads to a product that is not as good as it could be.

The non-military MRE is not always the best choice. In fact, some cheaply made MREs do not taste as good as their military counterparts. All is not lost. There are excellent MREs out there. They have a much better taste than in the past, and consider the health needs of an individual.

Who would you like to design your Emergency Survival meals? Would you like it to be the military, companies that make MREs for the government or, meals designed for Firemen, by Firemen? Why is this important? I can tell you of a true story that I observed personally. I was a Fireman at a headquarters Fire Station. At our Fire Station everyone was assigned a turn at being the cook and doing dishes. If a person was not an acceptable cook, his life was made miserable. He could opt out of cooking by trading with someone to cook for him and he would do his dishes, or he could pay someone who is a good cook, to cook for him. One of our firefighter recruits, on one of his first turns at being the cook at our fire station, made frozen fish sticks for the evening meal. I have eaten frozen fish sticks when I was young. They were a standby, when my mother had a busy day, and did not have time to make a major effort in the main meal at home. Although this was not a favorite, it was perfectly acceptable. At the fire station this was not so. It took this Fireman several years to live down this meal. When it comes to food, Firemen are fussy when it comes to what they eat. It has to taste good, and be filling..

There are Cheap, Military, and Quality MREs. Thankfully, the Quality food ration has been developed to the point that a good tasting meal is available. These meals are not full of filler items. Everything has a nutritional purpose and tastes good. The choice is yours. The planning is yours. Do you want to sit down choking down your meal when a good part of your world has come apart? Do you want a little pleasantness in the face of what may be happening in the near future?

Terry Chavis is a retired Fireman/Paramedic.

He believes in using the best products. Rotate them into your everyday life. Use meals ready to eat as they cut the amount of needed water in half. Water weighs 8.35 lbs. per pound, and takes up lots of storage space. Sign up for my E-mail and receive our newsletter and money saving offers, and receive information on a good product..

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